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Dr. Motsinger-Reif has moved to NIEHS

As of December 2018, Dr. Motsinger-Reif has moved to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). She is currently Chief of the Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch.

Research & Teaching

T he primary goal of my research is the development of computational methods to detect genetic risk factors of common, complex traits in human populations.  As the field of human genetics increasingly accepts a complex model of phenotypic development that involving many genetic and environment factors, it is increasingly important to develop analytical strategies that incorporates this complexity.  Data collected from different physiological compartments that represent biological flux across time and space (such as genetic, proteomic, and environmental data) will need to be incorporated to gain a fuller understanding of the biological mechanism underlying complex phenotypes. My research is focused on the development of methods to detect such complex predictive models in high-throughput genomic data.

While methods development is a key component of my research, real data applications are the driving factor.  In particular, I work on performing association mapping to detect genes that are associated with differential response to pharmaceutical agent exposure.  I also collaborate with a number of investigators trying to understand complex human diseases, to compare disease etiology across species, to perform gene mapping in fruit flies, and many more!

I regularly teach both graduate and undergraduate courses, including:
Statistical Genetics Practicum (STAT 498, ST489)
Readings (STAT 635)
Bioinformatics Consulting (STAT 610/ STAT 810)
Introduction to Statistics (STAT 311)

Additionally, I am the Director of the Bioinformatics Consulting and
Service Core, and the Statistical Consulting Core.  For more
information on these cores, see below:

For more details on research and publications, please see my Google Scholar profile 




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